Order Groceries at Cookshop Market!
How it Works
Find Food
Cookshop is simple and convenient!
1. You browse our menu, select your food and place your order.

2. We process your order, contacting the vendor/restaurant and updating you on your order status.

3. If you order for Delivery, we bring your food right to your doorstep! If you order for Pickup, we alert you when your food is ready and waiting.

4. You pay for your order online or with cash, and get your reciept. Bon Apetit!

Ordering food through Cookshop is easy, here's how to do it:
1. Select your area using the drop down menu to tell us where you are.

2. You can search for food "By Cuisine" or "By Restaurant". Select the tab of your choice and then click on the cuisine type or restaurant you want.

3a. If you searched by cuisine, then Choose a Restaurant to order from.

3b.. If you searched by restaurant, then Choose a Menu to order from.

4. To choose your food, click the "ADD" button next to the menu item you want. Click the item name to view detailed info.

5. Review your order to change the Quantity of each item, to specify if your order is for "Delivery" or "Pickup", to remove items from your order, or to cancel your order entirely. If you are satisfied with your order, click "Checkout".

6. Confirm your order info and add detailed Delivery Instructions, and Special Instructions (such as allergies). If you are satisfied with your order info, click "Send!"

7. Sit back and relax as we process your order. Cookshop will be in touch with you via phone call and/or message to update you on the status of your order until it is completed and your food is in your hands. You may receive a call if your order needs to be modified, and another call once the delivery agent has arrived at your location.