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Liberia Pure Honey Squeeze Bottle
For those of you who like a precise amount of honey on your pancakes or in your tea. Dont't stop there though! This sweet succulent honey takes good in salad dressings, baked goods, smoothies and on toast.
225 g
5.75 USD
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1.00 USD
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Bean Body Oatmeal Coffee Sugar Scrub
Coffee, oatmeal, sugar, vitamin E oil, coconut oil
200 ml
3.75 USD

Naz Naturals Coconut Black Soap Shampoo
Hair shampoo
250 ml
5.00 USD
Papé Moringa Tea
200 g
7.00 USD
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Fayacoal Eco-Stove (Small)
21.00 USD
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KitKat Bar
1.99 USD
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Coke 6 Pack
5.99 USD
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Dentyne Ice Gum
2.95 USD
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Altoids Mints
4.25 USD
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