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We serve your grocery shopping & delivery needs with a focus on products from local vendors.
Featured Items

Naz Naturals Kernel Oil Collection
Our entire line of palm kernel oil products
2 kg
29.00 USD
Papé Moringa Tea
200 g
7.00 USD
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Uhai Styling Cream
12 oz
9.50 USD
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Liberia Pure Scented Coconut Body Oil
This fragrant coconut oil is carefully crafted from pure cold pressed coconut oil. Use this luxurious oil to keep your skin soft and glowing and your hair shiny and smooth. Ingredients: Liberia Pure Coconut Oil, Essential Oils and Vitamin E.
4 oz
5.00 USD
Guinness Stout
2.68 USD
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Uhai Gift Basket
12 oz
25.00 USD (SALE)
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FABRAR Liberia West African Five Pepper Spice (2 Ounce)
Ingredients: Selim grains, black pepper, cayenne pepper, malagueta pepper, chilli powder, basil, salt
2 oz
3.00 USD
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KitKat Bar
1.99 USD
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Coke 6 Pack
5.99 USD
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Dentyne Ice Gum
2.95 USD
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Altoids Mints
4.25 USD
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